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AFRICA/DR CONGO - The challenge of "freedom of speech" in Africa and the need for new prophets

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Posted on: 11/21/19
Kinshasa - Freedom of speech in the African continent is a great challenge both in the political and the religious fields. "Speaking freely is far from being granted" - said to Agenzia Fides Father Donald Zagore, of the Society for African Missions.
"This is one of the major challenges that very often seriously undermines the very mission of the Church in Africa", Cardinal Fridolin Ambongo, Acivescovo of Kinshasa said in recent days. "It is good that this statement comes from an African Cardinal", continues Fr. Zagore. "Our religious leaders in Africa are called to strengthen the prophetic nature of the Church's mission. If there is diplomacy, it must necessarily be itself prophetic".
The SMA missionary argues: "It is necessary to start already from the seminaries to form not only good parish, diocese administrators, but above all prophets. Today, one of the great needs of the African people, too often silenced by all kinds of violence, is that of being guided by prophets who bring hope with their voice. If the Church in Africa does not strive to rekindle the prophetic flame of its mission, it will eventually disappear. However, even if everything is not perfect for the Church - Zagore points out - today we can inaugurate a new era, in the very understanding of the prophetic identity and the mission of the Church in Africa".


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