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ASIA/PAKISTAN - Need to recognize the persecution of minorities

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Posted on: 11/21/15
London – It is necessary to recognize the persecution of religious minorities in Pakistan: says the appeal sent to Fides, launched by the NGO "Global Minorities Alliance" , based in the United Kingdom, which brings together about 20 organizations that monitor the situation of minorities in Pakistan. During a recent hearing in the British Parliament, the GMA was at the forefront of the instances brought by Christian, Hindu, Sikh, Ahmadi and Jew representatives in Pakistan.
The appeal of the NGO speaks of "discrimination" and "persecution", recalling the position taken by the Supreme Court in Islamabad in 2014 that called on the government to take appropriate measures for the protection of Pakistani citizen members of non-Islamic religious communities. Shahid Khan, vice president of the GMA, asked Europe to grant asylum to those who request it, citing the Geneva Convention on Refugees of 1951, which commits signatory states to grant asylum to those fleeing conflict and persecution.
Khan criticized the infamous blasphemy law in Pakistan also speaking of the case of the Christian Asia Bibi, who was sentenced to death unjustly. GMA calls on the British government and European governments to review their economic relations with Pakistan, also according to the observance of human rights standards.


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