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VATICAN - Pope Francis: I love China, I would like to go to Beijing

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Posted on: 11/27/19
Rome “I would like to go to Beijing. I love China". Pope Francis responded to many questions posed to him by the journalists during the flight bringing him back to Rome from Japan, at the end of his apostolic visit to Thailand and Japan. Pope Francis answered journalists’ questions on a variety of issues: social tensions and clashes among demonstrators and law enforcement agencies in Hong Kong in recent months, recalling that conflict situations have multiplied in different parts of the world and cited as an example the cases of Chile, of France , Nicaragua, other Latin American countries such as Brazil and also some European countries - In the face of such situations - the Pope remarked - the Holy See "calls for dialogue, for peace, but it is not only Hong Kong, there are various situations with problems that I am not able to assess at the moment. I respect peace and ask for peace for all these countries that have problems, even in Spain there are problems. It makes sense to relativize things and call for dialogue, for peace, to resolve problems".


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